* The use of AGIVIR ™ fabrics complements compliance with the health protection measures recommended by the competent authorities. Use virucides with care. Before use, read the label and product information


AGIVIR™ Stick'On - 80cm x 2m

Highly resistant canvas with one ahdhesive side.With virucidal and bactericidal propertiesEasy to cut according to your needsFor covering doors, furniture, counters, tables, chairs, desks, walls, windows, etc.
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AGIVIR™ Tape - 15cm x 5m AGIVIR™ Tape - 15cm x 5m 2
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AGIVIR™ Tape - 15cm x 5m

Reinforced adhesive-membrane tape.Strong and resistantAGIVIR™ surface treatment protection on top side.For covering switches, sanitary buttons, markings, boundaries, handles, etc.
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AGIVIR™ Light - 145cm x 2m AGIVIR™ Light - 145cm x 2m 2
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AGIVIR™ Light - 145cm x 2m

Waterproof reinforced membrane, higly resistant.With AGIVIR™ virucidal and bactericidal surface treatment.Ideal canvas for covering daily surfaces such as school tables, chairs, street furniture, metro's security portal…
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AGIVIR Ready Door Kit - 2... AGIVIR Ready Door Kit - 2... 2
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AGIVIR Ready Door Kit - 2 doors

This pack contains 2 ready-to-fit kits for door protections.Package contains two A5 protection plates to be sticked and two door-handle covers.Can be adapted to the most common sizes for door handles on the market.
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AGIVIR™ MEDIFIT - Covers... AGIVIR™ MEDIFIT - Covers... 2
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AGIVIR™ MEDIFIT - Covers 190x70cm

Examination table cover (medical and paramedical). Light, resistant, waterproof and easy to install. Ideal for exam tables for doctors, physiotherapists, dentists, masseurs, etc.
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Serge Ferrari Cleaner 500

Cleaning product to restore your membranes and canvas original appearance.ISafe to use on AGIVIR™ membranes.Spray capacity: 500ml
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Examples of AGIVIR™ products in situation

Protection adhésive de portes

Adhesive protection for doors

Protection de rampes escaliers

Protection for access ramps

Protection de chariots et cabas

Protection for trolleys and bags

Cloisons de séparation mobiles ou fixes

Fixed or mobile partition walls

Covering for furniture

Source: VirHealth laboratory according to ISO21702 norm on Coronavirus 229 E which is representative of human Coronavirus.

Certified antiviral & antimicrobial properties

As part of the fight against the Coronaviruses, the Serge Ferrari group has delevoped the AGIVIR™ technology in order to give virucidal properties to its membranes. These exceptional antiviral properties have been certified by the independent VirHealth.

High-performance and easy-to-use

The AGIVIR™ products have been developed for a quick and sustainable use. They are resistant and soft, making possible to adapt to any shape. The antiviral AGIVIR™ technology ensures a strong protection in all situations.

AGIVIR™ protects you whatever your needs

AGIVIR™ is a Serge Ferrari trademark.

Serge Ferrari has been developing and producing innovative composite membranes for light-architecture applications and exterior fittings since 1973. Serge Ferrari high-quality membranes combine durability, security, design, comfort and ecoresponsibility.

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