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AGIVIR™ MEDIFIT - Covers... AGIVIR™ MEDIFIT - Covers... 2
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AGIVIR™ MEDIFIT - Covers 190x70cm

Examination table cover (medical and paramedical). Light, resistant, waterproof and easy to install. Ideal for exam tables for doctors, physiotherapists, dentists, masseurs, etc.
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AGIVIR™ Light - 145cm x 2m AGIVIR™ Light - 145cm x 2m 2
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AGIVIR™ Light - 145cm x 2m

Waterproof reinforced membrane, higly resistant.With AGIVIR™ virucidal and bactericidal surface treatment.Ideal canvas for covering daily surfaces such as school tables, chairs, street furniture, metro's security portal…
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AGIVIR Ready Handrail - 25m AGIVIR Ready Handrail - 25m 2
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AGIVIR Ready Handrail - 25m

Kit prêt à poser de protections pour mains courantes et rambardes, idéal pour protéger les personnes en assurant une élimination à 99,5% des virus au bout d’une heure. S’adapte sur des mains courantes de diamètre 40 à 50 mm.
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