Intermarché from Saint-Jean de Soudain in Isère (France) recently benefited from the installation of Serge Ferrari’s new antiviral technology: office door handles, shopping trolleys and baskets are equipped with AGIVIR.

"We recommend the use of these products to all high-traffic stores. Customers have felt safer since we installed it in our store. » Léa Humbert Llopard, Intermarché Saint-Jean de Soudain manager, Isère (38).

These AGIVIR protections reassure customers and teams by providing additional health security, while durably protecting surfaces. The installation was done quickly and did not require any special intervention by a technician. Daily maintenance is quick and reduces the cleaning time of these surfaces.

AGIVIR stickers to inform customers

In order to inform customers of the use of Agivir products, a sticker illustrating the virucidal properties of the product has been affixed to each cart. Thanks to this technology using silver particles, known since ancient times for their germicidal and bactericidal properties; and recently for their antiviral properties, the viral load of coronaviruses is reduced to 95% in 15 min (and 99.5% in one hour) on the treated surfaces.

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AGIVIR Ready Door Kit - 2... AGIVIR Ready Door Kit - 2... 2
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AGIVIR Ready Door Kit

AGIVIR Ready Door Kit - 2 doors

Serge Ferrari
This pack contains 2 ready-to-fit kits for door protections.Package contains two A5 protection plates to be sticked and two door-handle covers.Can be adapted to the most common sizes for door handles on the market.
AGIVIR™ Light - 145cm x 2m AGIVIR™ Light - 145cm x 2m 2
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AGIVIR™ Light - 145cm x 2m

Serge Ferrari
Waterproof reinforced membrane, higly resistant.With AGIVIR™ virucidal and bactericidal surface treatment.Ideal canvas for covering daily surfaces such as school tables, chairs, street furniture, metro's security portal…
AGIVIR™ Stick'On - 80cm x 2m AGIVIR™ Stick'On - 80cm x 2m 2
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    AGIVIR Stick'On

    AGIVIR™ Stick'On - 80cm x 2m

    Serge Ferrari
    Highly resistant canvas with one ahdhesive side.With virucidal and bactericidal propertiesEasy to cut according to your needsFor covering doors, furniture, counters, tables, chairs, desks, walls, windows, etc.
    Serge Ferrari Cleaner 500
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      Cleaner 500

      Serge Ferrari Cleaner 500

      Serge Ferrari
      Cleaning product to restore your membranes and canvas original appearance.ISafe to use on AGIVIR™ membranes.Spray capacity: 500ml

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