We will show you in this video how to make a desktop protection with AGIVIR Light. Your tables and desks will be effectively protected against viruses and bacteria.

AGIVIR Light offers effective, long-lasting protection and is easy to clean. This solution complements existing cleaning protocols.

Datasheet : AGIVIR Light


  • A roll of AGIVIR Light
  • A ruler
  • One meter
  • A green ballpoint pen (to limit any ink transfer)
  • Scissors and a cutter
  • A sewing machine
  • Resistant polyester thread
  • A clean cloth
  • A surface cleaner (solvent-free) Serge Ferrari Cleaner 500


  1. Take the dimensions and add 20cm to the length and width.
  2. Take the AGIVIR Light roll out of its packaging and set aside the AGIVIR stickers.
  3. Identify the active surface and transfer the measurements to the roller.
  4. Cut out the rectangle using the marks made. For more ease, cut in several times.
  5. Draw a 9cm square at each corner.
  6. Cut out the squares.
  7. Before sewing, test on a scrap.
  8. Set the machine to 2 to 3 points per centimeter.
  9. Fold the canvas to fold the angle for sewing. Active side on active side (inside of the fold).
  10. Sew the pliers by making a stop stitch at the start and end of sewing. Cut off the excess wire.
  11. Check the angle by turning the clamp upside down.
  12. Repeat the operation for the other 3 corners
  13. Set up protection
  14. Affix the AGIVIR sticker. This sticker informs users of AGIVIR anti-virus protection.
  15. For good durability, regularly clean the surface using a solvent-free cleaner such as Serge Ferrari Cleaner 500


  • Wear gloves during all installation and cutting steps.
  • Use virucides with care. Before use, read the label and product information.