In this video we will show you how to quickly put the AGIVIR Stick'On on a round table. In less than 15 minutes, you will have durably protected a table against viruses and bacteria.

The protection offered by the AGIVIR Stick'On lasts over time, requires simple maintenance cleaning and complements the protection measures already in place. During installation, AGIVIR Stick'On is easily repositionable.

Datasheet: AGIVIR Stick'On


  • A roll of AGIVIR Stick'On
  • One meter
  • A ruler
  • A green ballpoint pen (to limit any ink transfer)
  • Scissors and a cutter
  • A clean cloth
  • A fine pin
  • A surface cleaner (solvent-free) Serge Ferrari Cleaner 500


  1. Take the dimensions and add 10cm to the measured diameter.
  2. Take the Stick'On roller out of its packaging, and set aside the AGIVIR stickers.
  3. Identify the active surface and transfer the dimensions to the roller.
  4. Cut out the square.
  5. Degrease the table surface and center the square on the table.
  6. Choose a corner of AGIVIR Stick'On, mark the edge of the table on 20cm with a pen and peel off the corner of AGIVIR Stick'On.
  7. Fold down the non-sticky part under the AGIVIR Stick'On, and position the sticky part on the table using the marks made.
  8. Apply AGIVIR Stick'On with a cloth and remove the air bubbles with a slow back and forth movement. With the other hand, gradually remove the non-sticky film and cover the entire table.
  9. There may however remain some small bubbles: Using a cutter delicately cut AGIVIR Stick'On by following the edge of the table. Tender AGIVIR Stick'On with the other hand to facilitate cutting. Prick and chase persistent air beads
  10. Affix the AGIVIR sticker. This sticker identifies the material and informs users of AGIVIR anti-virus protection.
  11. For good durability, regularly clean the surface using a solvent-free cleaner such as Serge Ferrari Cleaner 500


  • Wear gloves during all installation and cutting steps.
  • Use virucides with care. Before use, read the label and product information.