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AGIVIR™ Tape - 15cm x 5m
AGIVIR™ Tape - 15cm x 5m

AGIVIR™ Tape - 15cm x 5m

  • Reinforced adhesive-membrane tape.

  • Strong and resistant

  • AGIVIR™ surface treatment protection on top side.

  • For covering switches, sanitary buttons, markings, boundaries, handles, etc.

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  • Width: 15cm (+/-1cm)
  • Length: 5m (+/-2cm)
  • Color: white

An adhesive composite membrane tape which is soft and waterproof for protecting surfaces against bacteria and viruses.

  • One adhesive side (back)
  • One side (top) with AGIVIR™ protection technology
  • Very resistant and professional-quality membrane
  • Easy to cut
  • Suitable for sticking on surfaces such as glass, plexyglas or PMMA (polymethil methacylate), metal, untreated wood, PVC plates, concrete slabs, laminates, ABS…

AGIVIR™ Tape reduces the viral load of the Coronaviruses* by 95% after 15 minutes and by 99.5% after one hour in comparison with an untreated membrane

*The antiviral properties of the product were tested by the independant laboratory VIRHEALTH. The use of AGIVIR™ TAPE does not replace but is in addition to health precautions by the relevant authorities. Please use the virucides with caution. Please read the label and product information before use.

Width (cm)
15 (+/-1cm)
Length (m)
5 (+/-2cm)
Canvas thickness (mm)
0,37mm ±10%
Canvas weight (/m2)
510 g/m² ±5%
How to use it
Ready to use
Where to use it
Interior / Outside
Main active component
AGIVIR™ technology silver based
AGIVIR protection
On non-adhesive side
PES canvas / PVC coating
Usage precautions
Use virucides with care. Before use, read the label and product information. Please refer to the Product Data Sheet.
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