AGIVIR is a unique technology

Serge Ferrari Group filed patents for the AGIVIR™ technology which confers virucidal properties to the surface of its composite membranes and canvas.

AGIVIR is based on silver particles.

Serge-Ferrari R&D teams used the silver-particles properties and developed a technology to eliminate the Coronaviruses.

They worked and evaluated different technologies to prevent propagation of the viruses and bacteria on the fabric surfaces and so, to contribute to reduce the contamination risks and speed.

Durability of the AGIVIR technology

The technology is planned to be fully effective and sustainable for many applications. The AGIVIR™ products maintain and preserve their virucidal properties up to 3 years if they are cleaned as per our recommendations.

Tested anti-viral properties

AGIVIR™reduces the viral load of the Coronaviruses by 95% after 15 minutes and by 99.5% after one hour in comparison with an untreated membrane.

This technology was tested by the laboratory VIRHEALTH specialized in virucidal applications for decontamination and disinfection technologies.

Get minute report realized by VirHealth according to ISO21702


Many possible applications

Protective covers

Waterproof membranes, very resistant and comply with fire standards 

Adhesive protections

Adhesive membrane can be custom-made depending on the type of installation.

Mobile or fixed partitions

Light membrane for partitions, with a high-quality appearance and texture.

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Unique technology

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